ComCERT SA is the only Polish independent consulting company focusing in the assistance of its customers facing the dangers of cyber threats. Our services are based on the CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) methodology.

Our basic activities include:

  • detecting the cyber security threats endangering our Customers activities
  • undertaking the immediate actions upon information on an security incident, including alarming the Customers about the incidents, assisting the customers in the process of combating the threat, mitigating its impact, improving their procedures to avoid similar threats in the future
  • monitoring the Customers’ vulnerabilities  and undertaking immediate actions if such vulnerability is detected, helping the customers to effectively remove such vulnerabilities
  • design of Customers’ IT systems ensuring better security and attack-proof work, undertaking preventive actions before the threat becomes harmful for the Customer

One of the most popular products offered by ComCERT is CATS (ComCERT Advanced Tool for Security), which  is a sophisticated tool for monitoring of the security status of ComCERT Customers. It consists of a number of functional modules, each of them responsible for one of the important aspects of the Customer’s organization’s tele/IT infrastructure. One of the most important modules monitors whether any of the Customer’s IP addresses (CIPAs hereafter) has been compromised.

The basis of its operation is a constant comparison of CIPAs with our database of compromised IP addresses, which is regularly and frequently (up to several times a day) updated. In a case any of CIPAs appears in our database, an automatic alert is generated and dispatched to the Customer, along with a report advising about a nature of the event, its level of seriousness (subject to such information availability) and a possible set of mitigation steps necessary to be undertaken.

We derive the CATS data from multiple sources: they come from our partnering security (CERT) teams worldwide and also from our own research and monitoring. Due to an international character of most of the todays security incidents, most of the obtained data are of an international nature, with only a small portion of them relating to the Polish victims and attackers. Still, thousands or hundreds of thousands of IP addresses originate from almost every country in the World.

Moreover, CATS and its database are based on an open platform and new sources of data can be easily added therefore allowing CATS to be a valuable tool for the monitoring of the security status in practically every country in the World.

ComCERT SA a Polish joint-stock company active on the market since 2011. The company is led by two seasoned experts, Tomasz Chlebowski and Mirosław Maj. Among our shareholders there are international entities providing the state-of-the-art know-how and professional approach.

If you are interested in our services or a cooperation with us, please contact us directly.