ComCERT SA is the first Polish independent consulting company focusing in the assistance of its Customers facing the dangers of cyber threats. Our services are based on the CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) methodology.

Our activities can be summarized as building the Customer’s competence and capabilities in avoiding, identifying and mitigating of cyber threats and Customer support in the dealing with cyber threats.

In practice we mostly work on:

  • building the Customers’ competence by trainings and exercises, security audits verifying the preparedness to effectively work under the cyber threat
  • monitoring the Customers’ vulnerabilities  and undertaking immediate actions if such vulnerability is detected, helping the customers to effectively remove such vulnerabilities
  • detecting the cyber security threats endangering our Customers activities
  • undertaking the immediate actions upon information on security incidents, including alarming the Customers about the incidents, assisting the customers in the process of combating the threat, mitigating its impact, improving their procedures to avoid similar threats in the future
  • designing of Customers’ IT systems ensuring better security and attack-proof work, undertaking preventive actions before the threat becomes harmful for the Customer

We are a growing company, with ongoing projects in many industries, private and public sectors, in Poland, and in other countries. Our consultants possess a broad range of skills, experience and knowledge gained from the business world, academia and government agencies. ComCERT and its experts have:

  • leading knowledge, e.g. participate in the development of ENISA projects and best practices
  • both products and services for risk-, continuity-, and crisis  management
  • cutting edge tools for effective services, e.g. CATS, simulation exercise methodologies, training methodologies and much more

ComCERT SA a Polish joint-stock company active on the market since 2011. The company is led by two seasoned experts, Tomasz Chlebowski and Mirosław Maj. Among our shareholders there are international entities providing the state-of-the-art know-how and professional approach.