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ComCERT SA is a Polish consulting company founded by Tomasz Chlebowski and Mirosław Maj in 2011. It is the first independent company specializing in CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) services for enterprises and institutions in Poland.

comCERT provides cybersecurity services to clients from various sectors, including financial sector (majority of Polish banks), telecommunication sector (majority of the largest telecommunication operators), state enterprises, European Union institutions and agencies (ENISA, FRONTEX, European Commission) as well as to governments of non-European countries. In the Republic of Togo, we have completed our largest cybersecurity architecture contract to date, the ‘Cyber Defense Africa’ that consisted of the national CERT and SOC performing commercial services in the Togolese market.

For many years, ComCERT has been training national cybersecurity teams of major entities in Poland.
We actively participate in the education of cybersecurity personnel. Our employees give lectures at many Polish universities, including: Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw School of Banking, Military University of Technology.
In 2019, we joined the Asseco Group which further expanded our offerings to include commercial ITSec products from other vendors.

In 2021, we obtained co-funding under the CyberSecIdent IV programme of the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR) – as a consortium leader – to implement the “APT Detector” project.
We actively collaborate with the Cybersecurity Foundation.

ComCERT provides a complete range of cybersecurity products and services that includes:

  • prevention (protection of IT systems against threats) – based on integration of cybersecurity systems and consultancy on secure architecture
  • response (identification/detection and combating/mitigation) to threats and incidents – based on products and support services for cybersecurity teams

ComCERT’s support enables creation of a set of measures to ensure the ICT security of the organisation. More information about services and products can be found under ‘Services’.


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