CISOaaS (CISO as a service)

Digital transformation, innovative solutions, new technologies and trends are changing the markets and enabling organisations to take on more difficult challenges. One of most important priorities of top management is to manage all associated corporate risks and enable the organisation to achieve its goals. Chief Information Security Officers, also known as CISOs, assess, manage, and mitigate company risks associated with new and emerging attack areas and threats. Having CISO as a service, organisations benefit from access and delegate tasks to cybersecurity experts able to focus on meeting core business objectives.

As part of the service, we provide you with support in:

  • implementing organisational governance (consistency of operations) in the area of cybersecurity, including policies, strategies, processes.
  • the area standards/approaches/methodologies of risk estimation and manners of conducting risk estimation and performance management.
  • managing the process for responding to cybersecurity events and incidents.
  • in the area of business continuity management and disaster recovery of an organisation’s business functions (related to an IT security incident).
  • scope of the vulnerability management process.
  • in the area of cybersecurity threat management process in, among other things, developing the processes needed to collect the information necessary to achieve situational awareness in the area of external and internal threats, and designing the infrastructure to collect this information from the organisation’s operational environment, recognising and recording it (designing threat intelligence strategies and process requirements).
  • designing and implementing secure cybersecurity architecture and solutions.
  • performing tasks of the Data Protection Officer.