Security of Cloud Services

Companies see a great many benefits of cloud implementation, such as flexibility and scalability of resources, improved availability and business continuity, cost reduction and shifting IT spending from CAPEX (investments) to OPEX (maintenance), or accelerating implementations and IT resource delivery processes. Getting into the cloud today is no longer a question of “if” but rather of “when.” Companies should consciously and safely build their cloud entry strategy and then execute it with proven practices and standards.


We help organisations securely migrate to cloud computing by offering support for:

  • developing an optimum strategy for secure entry (and exit) to the cloud – each such strategy is tailored to a specific case and specificity of business, while a thorough analysis helps answer the questions of when and using which solutions the cloud should be entered, what are the benefits and threats, and what expenses must be incurred to adapt the service to the requirements of the stakeholders (including legal and security issues),
  • evaluation of the provider for the security of its services,
  • development and implementation of security architecture in the organisational, process, technological, and data areas taking into account the shared responsibility model with the supplier,
  • monitoring and responding to security incidents,
  • training staff on cloud security.