Company's governing bodies

Management Board

Krzysztof Dyki

Prior to becoming President of ComCERT S.A., he was, among other things, an author of software for state bodies protected under classified information regulations. He worked with government administration offices, joint government administrative bodies and public finance sector units, including state public law institutions.

In 2016-2017, he was a co-founder and Member of the Board of Directors (CFO) of Aplikacje Krytyczne, a company owned by the Ministry of Finance, developing analytical information systems to assist the Tax Administration and other state bodies in criminal and fiscal activities and countering financial irregularities. In 2017-2019, Vice President of the Social Insurance Institution, responsible for the digital implementation of the 2017 pension reform and other national projects: centralization of social contribution payments (e-Skladka), digitization of employee files (e-Akta) and digitization of sick leave (e-ZLA).

He served as a Member of the Digitization Council appointed by the Minister of Digitization, a Member of the Scientific Council of NASK, and an Advisor to the Steering Committee of the electronic ID card (e-ID) project – being appointed jointly by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration, the Minister of Digitization and the Minister of Health. In 2019-2021, he served as an advisor to the Presidents of selected state-owned companies. He is a member of the Scientific and Expert Council for Cyber Security at the Police Academy in Szczytno. He is a forensic expert qualified in the fields of IT, reverse engineering, cybersecurity, and IT copyright law.

Piotr Lipiec

Graduate of the Rzeszów University of Technology (majoring in Finance and Banking, Management and Marketing Faculty). Since the earliest days of his professional career (2007) involved in financial controlling at Asseco Poland SA (from 2016 as Deputy Director of the Controlling Department). Since 2021, at ComCERT SA.

Supervisory Board

Izabela Albrycht

She is a political scientist and a graduate of the Department of International and Political Studies of Jagiellonian University. Since 2016, she has been a member of the Digitisation Council, which is currently located at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, shew was the chairperson of the Council in the term from 2016 to 2018. In July 2020, she became a member of the NATO Advisory Group on New Technologies. In 2020 she was elected to the Management Board of DIGITAL EUROPE where she is a joint representative of the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications (PIIT), the Digital Poland Association (ZIPSEE Digital Poland), and the National Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications (KIGEIT).

Since 2021 she has been the Chairperson of the Programme Committee of the CYBERSEC European Cybersecurity Forum, and since 2014 the Chairperson of the CYBERSEC Organising Committee . She was President of the Kosciuszko Institute from 2010 to June 2021. She is a co-author of reports, publications, and analyses focusing on EU policies, international relations, cybersecurity, and digital technologies.

She is a co-founder of Women4Cyber, an initiative launched by the European Cybersecurity Organisation (ECSO) in Brussels. In 2017, she was included in the prestigious New Europe 100 Challengers list compiled by Financial Times Res Publica, Google, and the International Visegrad Fund. In 2019, she was named as one of Europe’s 50 Most Influential Women in Cybersecurity ranked by SC Media UK. She was a member of the Global Future Council on Cybersecurity at the World Economic Forum in Geneva from 2019 to 2020.

She completed a course for Supervisory and Management Board Members, certified by the Ministry of Treasury, as well as a professional training “Decision-making and Legislative Processes in the EU” and “Lisbon Treaty” in the European Parliament. She is an alumnus of the prestigious International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) of the US Department of State. She is also a graduate of postgraduate studies in Public Relations at the Tischner European University.

She is currently a Deputy Editor of the European Cybersecurity Journal.
Since 01 January 2017, she has been a Member of the Supervisory Board of Asseco Poland.

Andrzej Dopierała

Chairman of the Management Board of Asseco Data Systems SA, Vice-Chairman of the Management Board of Asseco Poland SA.
He is an electrical engineer by education. After graduation, he worked in the US and Canada. After returning to Poland, he worked for Hewlett-Packard Poland from 1994 to 2006 where he was the Chairman of the Management Board for the last eight years. Then he became the Chairman of the Management Board of Oracle Polska while being involved in the regional structures of the corporation at the same time.

In September 2013, he took the position of Vice President of Asseco Poland S.A. responsible, among others, for the Asseco Systems S.A. holding company which started its operational activity as Asseco Data Systems S.A. in January 2016, combining 6 companies of the Asseco Group. Andrzej Dopierała is the Chairman of the Management Board of one of the largest IT companies in Poland. The electronic signature and digital trust services business remain under his direct supervision. At the same time, he serves as Vice President for the defense sector and cybersecurity solutions at Asseco Poland. In June 2019, when Asseco acquired ComCERT SA, he served as Chairman of the Management Board of that company which specialises in cybersecurity solutions and services. Since April 2021, he has been the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of this Company.

Jarosław Adamski